About Us
Founded in 2009, Wuhan WXYZ Technology Co., Ltd (BROBOT) is a globally leading provider of intelligent robotics solutions. BROBOT develops and manufactures robotic arms and provides intelligent manufacturing technology, artificial intelligence related majors and curriculum construction programs. BROBOT is committed to providing users with related hardware modules, teaching experimental devices, software simulation systems, and various course implementation. It is a more comprehensive, flexible and accurate teaching open platform and solution platform.
A versatile and light-weight robotic arm for educational use.
A robot arm that can be used in technology education for students to learn the skills and capabilities of advanced robotics for industry.
A versatile and reliable desktop robot arm for educational use.
Email: sales@ddrobo.com
Add: Floor 2, Building F, TuoChuang Tower, No.15 Yangqiaohu Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei 430205, China
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